Developing Applications

The QuickSharp platform provides the basic elements of a Windows desktop application in a reusable, easily-extensible package. By providing custom plugins new applications can be developed quickly and cleanly on a solid and reliable platform.

QuickSharp's modular architecture can help avoid the 'single-form' bottlenecks that might occur with a centralised visual-design approach. Application functions can be spread across separate plugins and developed independently before being combined into a final product.

QuickSharp provides greater development flexibility by providing code reuse at a binary level. Where more traditional approaches might use compile-time techniques to enhance existing functionality at a source code level, QuickSharp allows new development to be performed without affecting existing, proven code. This decoupled, runtime-extension approach makes QuickSharp applications flexible and robust; application enhancements can be applied by simply adding new plugins and rolled back by removing them to leave the original application exactly as it was.

See the following resources for information about developing applications on the QuickSharp platform:

  • The pages of this guide provide a basic introduction to the QuickSharp.Core architecture and how to develop plugins and applications based on it.
  • The QuickSharp SDK includes a detailed sample application illustrating the basic usage of several key features of a QuickSharp application. This is provided as a Visual Studio 2008 solution and contains detailed comments describing the code techniques presented.
  • The SDK includes API documentation for the QuickSharp.Core module and full source code for the QuickSharp IDE project. This contains numerous examples of how to build application functionality on top of the core architecture.

General approach

Generally, a QuickSharp application is developed as a custom driver program and one or more plugins to provide the application functionality. Where appropriate a combination of custom plugins and selections from the QuickSharp IDE project are used to create the application's full feature set.

For an instant example, download this simple editor application, unzip the contents and follow the instructions in Readme.txt. It is intended to be built in the QuickSharp IDE and illustrates the basic components of an application based on the QuickSharp.Core.