QuickSharp includes all you need to write, compile and run programs for the Microsoft .NET platform using the C# programming language. It provides a simple but complete integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP and supports the development of console, library, Windows Forms and ASP.NET web applications.

With QuickSharp you can:

  • create source code with the built-in editor featuring syntax colouring, code folding and Visual Studio-style docking windows,
  • compile applications in any .NET Framework language with built-in support for C#, JScript, VB.NET and Intermediate Language,
  • compile programs from within QuickSharp; warnings and errors appear in the output window for instant location within the editor,
  • run programs directly from the editor and capture the output in QuickSharp's output window or run in a separate window for interactive use,
  • use QuickSharp's "intellisense"-style Code Assist to get instant lookup of .NET class and namespace members for C# and JScript code,
  • develop ASP.NET web applications using the bundled Cassini web server; get Code Assist support for web controls, inline code and code-behind classes,
  • work with any ADO.NET compatible database; develop queries in QuickSharp and get Code Assist support for Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite and MySQL databases,
  • manage multiple configurations for all supported build tools including Mono and older Microsoft C# compilers,
  • develop your own features and enhancements using QuickSharp's plugin architecture.

Framework SDK support

QuickSharp is fully functional with the tools provided by the .NET Framework but additional features can be enabled by installing a version of the .NET Framework SDK. The SDK Tools plugin included with QuickSharp works with any SDK version from 2.0 onwards and provides integrated access to the CLR debugger, IL disassembler and SDK documentation. In addition, some build tools such as the resource file generator are only available in the SDK.

By default QuickSharp is configured to work with the .NET 2.0 SDK which can be downloaded from Microsoft. Later versions will require the tool paths to be updated to the locations appropriate to the SDK version installed; use the QuickSharp options editor to configure the SDK and build tools available. Also, later versions of the SDK do not include the CLR debugger but do include the SqlMetal database mapping tool which is not available in earlier SDKs.

QuickSharp can also be used alongside versions of Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express in which case you can use the tools installed with them.


QuickSharp is completely modular and uses a simple plugin-based architecture provided by the underlying platform, the QuickSharp.Core.

The QuickSharp.Core is an application framework which manages the core features of the QuickSharp IDE. It provides the user interface (menu, toolbar and status bar), a docking-window framework, user settings management, application branding and the plugin loader. The plugin loader provides extensibility; all of the remaining functionality is provided by plugins.

Plugins are easy to write and can be developed in QuickSharp itself. They can do anything from adding a simple short-cut key to providing completely new features such as support for new languages and development tools.

See the guide for information of developing plugins and applications using the QuickSharp platform.